First Post + Thoughts on Gas Stations

Welcome to the newly established blog section of my website.  My name is Will Echols and I'm a graphic designer and creative working and living life in Northwest Arkansas — at least that's what I say when I'm trying to look impressive and professional. Truthfully, I'm just a pretty average white dude who married way out of his league. A 23 year old with ADD who even now gets excited looking at the new Lego sets in the toy aisle at Target. A jeans & t-shirt kind of guy who is still trying to unlearn this thought or expectation that I need to work behind a desk and make a lot of money to be someone significant in the corporate capital of the world. Wait, did I accidentally just get serious? Ignore that last sentence. 
Anyway, this is a blog. I've flirted with starting one for a couple of years — have even gotten close enough to publishing a few pieces, but have always backed out last minute. Why's that? Let me tell you the excuses I've given myself:
1. I don't read many blogs. Actually zero if I'm being honest. So what business do I have writing one? 
2. Fear of what others think. "Writing things online is for girls...people will think you're lame..." Screw that. 
3. I'm pretty dang busy. This one is actually legit. I'm behind on like 5 projects right now. 
4. I literally have nothing inspiring to say. I mean come on. Did you read the title? I'm about to start talking about one of my favorite things: gas stations. 

Let me paint a picture for you real quick. After I graduated high school and before I went to college, I took a gap year and attended this Bible school in Carnforth, England called Capernwray. It was one of the most insane times of my life, but I'll save that for another post. Being out of the country for awhile is pretty incredible. You learn a lot and experience a ton of new things, but coming home is always a little hard. 
Listen, I'm not talking about culture shock or finding that all your friends from highschool joined fraternities, I'm talking about coming home and finding that a new chain of gas station is everywhere. Fol 

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